Greetings from the Houston Skate Lab

Many young skaters don’t realize if you like skateboarding you are definitely interested in PHYSICS.  In fact skateboarding is an exercise in PHYSICS…

Have you ever wondered what acceleration is required for a skater to experience zero gravity?

Have you ever wondered what a skater’s velocity and acceleration must be to generate an inverted carve-turn 17′ inside Houston’s large cradle, aka Skate-Lab?

What is the acceleration and velocity a smaller skater (75 lbs) must produce to invert a 15′ carve-turn vs. a skater twice his size?

Dr. Adrian Lenardic is not just a physicist he is also an avid Jamail Park skateboarder.   Adrian, , will be attempting to answer some of these skater-physics questions and much more.  He will be conducting much of his research in Houston’s very own Skate-Lab (world’s largest skatepark cradle (22′ Apex) structure). Come out and watch the skaters push the gravity envelope all the while Dr. Lenardic’s technology will be documenting this one-of-kind skater-physics research.

The experiments/research will be held in Lee’s Bowl throughout the day.


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